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Is this foundation stone for Nepad?

VICE-PRESIDENT Joseph Msika spelt it out loud and clear at the late Reverend Canaan Banana’s funeral. Zanu PF will not talk to the “unpatriotic opposition”, which must mean the MDC which they con

stantly accuse of being British-sponsored.

Thus, when Thabo Mbeki and President Mugabe assure everyone that talks with the opposition are taking place, they are deceiving the world and the people of Zimbabwe.

The message is now clear to all Zimbabweans – there are no talks, there never will be, so better get on with imposing our will the Georgian way, peaceful mass demonstrations. Zanu PF has chosen the confrontational route. So whichever way, there should be no amnesty for any of our oppressors.

We must tell the world, and South Africans in particular, in no uncertain terms, that Mbeki is misleading them. Is this the foundation stone for Nepad? Africa and South Africa do not need people like Mbeki and Mugabe to drive the continent to prosperity.

It is two years since we started hearing of Nepad and there has been no attitude change among leadership in Africa. The only changes have been that the people’s will has been imposed in Kenya and Madagascar. It is now up to the Zimbabwean people to give Africa new hope.

A McCormick,


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