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Leaders of Mutasa’s ilk shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near public office

THE fact that our country is on a downward spiral to becoming a failed state is indisputable.

With such tired ministers like Didymus Mutasa (National Security) who have a propensity for shooting themselves in the foot, one can o

nly fear for the worst.

Asked recently about the fate of white farmers in Karoi, Mutasa was quoted as saying: “…anybody with no permission to farm will be prosecuted …”

Do people like Mutasa know what they are doing? Are we not killing the goose that lays the golden egg?

When South Africa was under apartheid with PW Botha at the peak of his reign, Chimurenga musician Thomas Mapfumo, sang: “Botha anotaura seakasika munhu…” (Botha brags like a creator).

And Mutasa is behaving exactly like that!

In a new Zimbabwe, with a new beginning, with a new constitution, parliament should be given powers to vet, grill and confirm ministers. People like Mutasa should never be appointed to any public office.

Frank Matandirotya,


South Africa.

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