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Is destroying the country the only way to power?

ARE we all going mad? Is destroying the country the only way to get to power? People are shouting their voices hoarse for sanctions against their own country, isolation of their own country and for the worst misery to befall us.

Their logic – so we get angry and remove Robert Mugabe from power possibly by violent means before the next presidential election.

This is akin to burning the whole house just because a snake has run into the house. This is stupid logic.

The world (the EU/US) is destroying us all to get rid of one man. I don’t think they are acting in our best interests but for themselves.

The same world (Britain) refused to apply sanctions against South Africa’s apartheid regime because it would hurt blacks more than the regime. What has changed today?

Is Mugabe queuing for fuel and food? It is us the ordinary people who are suffering. The world is trying to kill us en masse and then blame Mugabe for it and we are cheering them on.

Our grave sin was to vote Mugabe back into power. For heaven’s sake didn’t we vote 58 MDC MPs, didn’t we vote all executive mayors, didn’t we vote in all MDC councillors except one in Harare? That was the best we could do.

So to thank us for that you kill our struggling companies with stayaways and mass action. Even Morgan Tsvangirai acknowledged in the Daily News recently that people do not want stayaways anymore. So why the MDC continues to call for them baffles the mind.

I completely agree with Denford Magora that MDC leaders and their cheer leaders should get off their high horses. Drop this legitimacy issue, stop calling for sanctions and the isolation of your own people, go to the negotiating table with Zanu PF.

George W Bush of the United states got into power through questionable means but the Americans have moved on and waited for the next presidential election. Why can’t we do the same?

For a party that was formed a few months before the elections the MDC has done remarkably well. Do not destroy all that because of greed for power.

Vhurai Meso,


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