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Despotic leaders cannot hold Africa to ransom

FOR the past four and a half decades, the African song of post-colonial Africa has been a doleful, morbid and monotonous tone of some African children grieving and lamenting over the unfathomable contempt with which the trust they had inv

ested in their liberators has been soiled by the despotic and tyrannical tendencies that African rulers have used to demonise the short lives of the African people.

In others, the aseptic and humdrum song is in the form of a deafening hullabaloo of restless masses clamouring for political change in several parts of the apparently doomed continent.

In as much as the African children exercised tolerance and great resilience in dealing with the truculent and unscrupulous ogres masquerading as credible African leaders, they eventually succumbed to the immeasurable weight of inhumanity yoked upon their delicate and fragile shoulders.

It all begins with the African Union, which should be renamed the African Uselessness because it has no credibility as an authentic and bona fide organisation for African togetherness and development.

What it has managed to do since its regrettable creation is creating annual platforms which African rulers use to indulge in indescribable extravagance characterised by motorcades whose lengths approximate that of the Great Wall of China. Without the help of the European Union, the United Nations and other humanitarian organisations, the African Union has abjectly failed to find amicable solutions to the crises in Zimbabwe, Liberia, Somalia and the Sudan.

It has failed to uphold and actuate its own ethics. It keeps mum and fails to condemn demoniacs like Charles Taylor.

This is all because of the fact that the member states which constitute this failing organisation are ruled by the very same lunatics who savagely perpetrate all forms of evil that can be imagined against their own people and as such, snakes of the same venom cannot turn against each other.

All over the continent African rulers have flouted and affronted electoral laws, amended constitutions and rigged elections for the sake of tenaciously clinging to power. Their principal objectives of clinging on to power are either for the purposes of embezzling and misappropriating state wealth so that they can enrich their families and shameless cohorts or to escape from the wrath of international law when a time of reckoning comes to punish them for their political and war crimes.

Notable felons are Zambia’s ex-President, Frederick Chiluba, Togo’s Gnassingbe Eyadema who has been in power since 1967, and of late, Gabon’s Omar Bongo.

All this dementia is nothing but opprobrious primitiveness and an abominable manner of oppressing a defenceless and suffering people.

Goodness shall always prevail over evil and the year 2003 is a splendid date in history that confirms this indisputable fact: the fall of Saddam Hussein and the subsequent deaths of his rogue sons, Uday and Qusay, the slipping of Idi Amin into a coma, the death of Foday Sankoh and of late, the closing in of the net on Taylor.

Africa cannot be held to ransom by these monsters of iniquity. Like decaying refuse, their foul-smelling souls are fit for the dustbin.

Arnold Mashava,


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