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The power is in our pockets

I COULD not help but notice a comment in your article headlined “Of Cockroaches and the opposition” (Zimbabwe Independent, September 22).

The remark was made “we have the power in our pockets”. I totally agree with this.<

I as a “whitey” well remember during the war in Rhodesia the banning of the three B’s. The price of beer, bread and bus fares were raised to a level that the povo thought enough is enough, no one must buy it until it comes down!

I well remember driving round Gwelo and seeing the United buses driving round empty, and seeing no one with a loaf of bread in hand. In the industrial sites there was a beer hall which was normally very busy but then empty. I did see the odd person hauled off a bus and there was the odd loaf of bread trashed in the gutter but these were normally people who were unaware of the situation.

Sure enough after a week or so of this the companies relented and prices were brought back to their old levels. In view of this why is this not tried now? Not on products but on unfair charges levelled these days. Much easier to enforce without relying on thuggery, I think. Hit them where it hurts — in their pockets!

Geoff Crimes,


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