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Mutasa’s view of democracy warped

SECURITY and Lands minister Didymus Mutasa last week issued a statement to the media attacking the Zimbabwe Independent for what he called its false reporting on his alleged beating of a war veteran, James Kaunye.

The stat

ement was naturally and uncritically given space by the Daily Mirror and the Herald.

A look at what Mutasa calls himself betrays the false consciousness of his “importance” to Zimbabwe. A critical analysis of the words he uses to describe himself and his alleged terror campaign in Manicaland is not only laughable but also leads one to feel sorry for the minister in charge of state security and intelligence.

In his statement, Mutasa says: “The allegations are false and a threat to ‘our democracy’”. This means the beating up of people is not only condoned but seen as part of preserving “this democracy.”

It’s astonishing how the Herald and the Daily Mirror, even in this state of cognitive paralysis that they are in, also bought into this “our democracy” nonsense where people, in this case a war veteran, are beaten to a pulp for simply seeking to challenge the “paragon of democracy” in a parliamentary election.

Mutasa thinks that we are part of his democracy, hence the words “our”. No minister, it is your democracy since not many of us share such a warped view of democracy.

In his statement the minister fails to explain why and how his campaign manager finds himself in prison for beating political opponents, which is the root of the allegations against him.

Instead of attacking the Independent, Mutasa owes an explanation to the victims of the violence perpetrated by his campaign manager, his threats to judicial officers and his alleged looting of farm equipment at Kondozi.

The likes of Mutasa, who think democracy means beating up your political opponents, are the last thing that this country needs.

In Mutasa’s world, security and intelligence have a totally different meaning. He thinks it is his security that should be preserved and indeed intelligence is for seeking out his enemies, who will receive a thorough beating all in the name of preserving “our democracy”.

Shame on you.

Rashweat Mukundu,


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