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ICG report should go far and wide

“IF the electoral process is badly compromised, and state violence continues to be deployed against the opposition, Zimbabwe will reach the point of no return,” says John Prendergast,

special adviser to the International Crisis Group (ICG) president.

“Elements of the opposition and civil society, disaffected war veterans and youth militia and losers in the Zanu PF factional battle then might well fight one another or the state.”

This conclusion from the April 2004 International Crisis Group report on Zimbabwe should be sent far and wide again so that the world’s nose is rubbed in the enormity of the danger we face — eight months later and no improvement whatsoever in the situation.

Indeed, it is far worse, with the legislation currently being passed as well as wide deployment of “security forces”, etc. Not to mention the secret voter registration done by Zanu PF and other rigging tactics.

I understand the author of the latest ICG report is South African, hence perhaps the insistence that, despite all the evidence of dismal failure/reluctance of South Africa to take the bull by the horns, South Africa is still mooted as the best international broker out of the crisis.

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