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Club management unhelpful

ON November 11 at 10:15am, I noticed that my prescription glasses were missing from my golf bag which I had left in the caddy master’s care for about two minutes at Country Club, Highlands.

I reported the loss to the club’s office where the chairman suggested I should have tea and/or he could take me home.

After some time, by chance the Green keeper appeared and contacted the security manager and the police in Highlands. A report was made and the caddy master was taken into police custody for questioning.

With new prescription glasses, I went to the club on November 15 to find out what the club had done about the theft but was scolded by a male in charge of the affairs of the club for not having handed in a written report of the theft.

When I reminded him that without glasses I could not see, write or drive, he did not apologise for his blunder but went on scolding me for not having insured my glasses. He made it quite clear to me that it was my fault that the theft had taken place in the first place.

Theft is rampant at the club as all members know due to the lack of initiative by the club management and its handling of a case of theft when it does occur.

Club Member No 12,


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