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Stop these crazy experiments

ZIMBABWE suffered yet another humiliating defeat, this time at the hands of below strength Zambia, and we are told that the “local boys played well and we were unfortunate to lose”. My foot!

If they call that poor showing playing well, then God help us.

Listen Charles Mhlauri, you cannot rebuild players like Brian Badza, Leonard Tsipa, Gift Lunga Junior and Herbert Dick who are past their prime.

Get real Mhlauri and accept that this job is too big for you. You have no clue on what it takes to perform at the big stage. You have lost two games on the trot and you want to hide under the guise of rebuilding. You cannot rebuild what was never destroyed.

The Zimbabwe Football Association must forthwith stop this crazy experiment and discharge this pretender and his sidekick Moses Chunga.

Our football deserves better than this. Bambo is a comedian not a football coach.

Jack Mashura


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