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Red herring Mugabe is famous for

THE trial and subsequent acquittal of MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai is all part of Zanu PF propaganda.

They created a problem and wanted to be seen pretending to s

olve it. This nonsense is simply one of the red herrings that Robert Mugabe and his ilk are famous for.

Remember sometime back they managed to confuse the whole world by “sacking” Edgar Tekere from Zanu PF to form the Zimbabwe Unity Movement (Zum).

It was meant to give an impression of multi-partyism in Zimbabwe.

In fact, Tekere never left Zanu PF. Up to now, lots of Zimbabweans, including academics, are confused about the Tekere facade. This is how low Zanu PF can stoop.

In the Tsvangirai case, Zanu PF aimed at portraying Zimbabwe as a country with an independent judiciary and rule of law, while at the same time destroying the MDC if they could.

James Tavalu,

South Africa.

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