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Outrage over attack on women

IT is outrageous that David Mangota, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs (who incidentally has no authority to make any statement not approved by his m

inister, Patrick Chinamasa) should accuse women appointed to the judiciary of under-performing and delaying handing down judgements, when it is clear for all to see that it is his ministry which is at fault!

I cite, for example, the extreme delay in finalising the 38 MDC electoral petitions from 2000 (four years ago!). This delay has made a mockery of the whole process of parliamentary elections and put into question the legitimacy of proceedings in parliament over the last four years. Does Mangota contend that all these judges are women?

As usual, government is trying to blame others for its own shortcomings in the classic Zimbabwean “I-am-not-the-one” syndrome. To choose to blame women, however, is the lowest of the low.

One of the women judges we are most proud of today is Justice Sandra Mungwira who, despite being ill, insisted on completing and handing down judgement in the Cain Nkala case this year.

I challenge Mangota to prove his statement with facts or withdraw it immediately.

Trudy Stevenson,

MP, Harare North.

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