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MDC scores a brace

ON the same day that the acquittal of MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai was announced, the MDC in Britain scored a victory when they scuttled Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe plans to woo UK-based Zimbabweans to mobilise foreign currency for the gover


The Reserve Bank had booked a venue in Birmingham and invited Zimbabweans for a conference to highlight investment opportunities available in Zimbabwe, recently introduced foreign currency denominated bonds, a progress report on the economic turnaround programmes and the Homelink money-transfer system the central bank runs.

Invitations which had been given to selected individuals ended up in the hands of the local branch of the MDC. More members went and requested invitations from the organiser who was dishing them out thinking that he was scoring a success.

The organiser later discovered that most of the cards he had given out had gone to MDC members who planned to ask some tough questions leading to the cancellation of the meeting without an explanation.

Said an MDC Birmingham branch activist: “It was still a victory because their meeting did not take place, but if it had taken place we would really have been in a better position to ask them about the lies they want to peddle to Zimbabweans in Britain.

“Who would want to invest in an economy where you don’t even know whether your building or land will still be yours the next day?

“About foreign currency denominated bonds: they said that last year about people being able to receive money sent to them in hard currency, but when they went to collect their monies they were told they could only get (Zim dollars) Zim-Kwachas.

“And what economic turnaround are they talking about when companies are still closing down and prices can double in one week and the economy is living on a hand-to-mouth fuel import system?

“On the Homelink money transfer system, do they really think anyone in the UK will complete forms going into Zanu PF computers saying what their addresses are, who they work for and who they are sending money to? They are just crazy.”

Rinosara Karimanzira,

Birmingham, UK.

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