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Deceived in the Lord’s name

HE e-mailed me and addressed me as “My Dear Brother in Christ, may the everlasting peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your household”.

He said he was

Brother Ndlovu Jonce Jamikolo, a student of St Stephen’s Bible College in the Ekwuluobia Local Government Area of Harare.

He told me of his noble father, Rev Dr Samuel Ndlovu, the co-founder of the Redeemed Pilgrim Church of God in Harare, the former director of Unicef and also a renowned philanthropist.

He called me again and told me how his father before dying on April 15, 2002, told him he had deposited a sum of US$2,5 million into a security company in Malaysia. The stipulation was that the money should be donated to some organisation who could put it to work for the glory of God.

I e-mailed back and told him about my little church meeting in my living room and how desperately we needed a church building. I told him I hoped this was not a Nigerian-type mail scam. He firmly told me it was for real and that he wanted to donate the money to my ministry and that no money would be needed from me and my church.

He went to Malaysia to get the money. He even claimed to have gotten two cheques made out in my church name. He claimed the bank charged more than he had expected. He deceived me into sending him money to help him out. Then there were taxes to be paid and, finally, he claimed to have been jailed because he could not pay a court-imposed fee.

He sent me various documents to give support to his claim and all the time in the name of the Lord. To help him, we borrowed and extended debts to send him US$11 200.

His friend and fellow student and, I believe, co-conspirator in Harare, Paul Sanko, called himself an evangelist. He sent me an e-mail with the subject line: “Greetings from Zimbabwe.”

Before I sent him money on February 10, I contacted the embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe in Washington for identification of Ndlovu and his father. The embassy did not reply, thus making the Republic of Zimbabwe a partner in the deception in God’s name for financial gain.

I believe there are some good people in Zimbabwe. If so, I call upon them to help me contact Ndlovu Jonce Jamikolo and Paul Sanko to recover my church’s money. We went into debt, borrowing and extending credit cards to raise the money to help Ndlovu because we considered him a brother in the Lord.

It was heartbreaking to learn finally we had been deceived in the name of the Holy God of Heaven. I do not believe God will bless the nation of Zimbabwe if it permits its people to defraud God’s people in His name.

I beg someone to help us recover our money from the two men who have defrauded my church.

Rev Edmond Locklear, Jr,


Bible Study Fellowship Church,

PO Box 3177, Pembroke, NC 28372,


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