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Zim Afrobarometer bungled

AFROBAROMETER are reading too much and making some (but not all) wrong conclusions from their study on Zimbabwe.

Firstly – the mood in 1999 was much headier than

today. And the chance that people will respond freely with their true thoughts and feelings is much less today than in 1999. And they do not trust pollsters to keep personal information and responses secret and confidential.

Secondly – since on or shortly before February, the Zimbabwe economy has been getting better – much better.

Afrobarometer doesn’t seem to know this – strange and not really confidence-inspiring.

Thirdly – Zimbabweans were promised the moon, they shot for the moon, but they were let down by the MDC and especially by the West. They were told to rout President Mugabe and Zanu PF by democratic means. They did so, but the vote count was massively frauded. They were told to demonstrate – they did, but were beaten and imprisoned.

Zimbabweans have now almost given up – neither the MDC nor the West have lived up to promises and expectations. At least now President Mugabe is largely back in his cage and there is some prospect that he may be forced to retire (Nathan Shamuyarira, a very senior party heavyweight said so).

Zimbabweans have been through such a bad economic patch that the present conditions resemble normality and a normal lifestyle, at least economically (if not politically).

Zimbabweans are now almost back in the situation they experienced in 1980 through 1997 – decent economics with about zero political freedom. That situation was created and very much liked by Britain, the West, and the Zimbabwean Whites.

Alex Weir,


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