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We can’t eat Bob’s popularity

“Robert Mugabe the third greatest man in Africa, after Nelson Mandela and the late Kwame Nkrumah”, read the findings of a recent survey. Where is all this rubbish coming from?

, sans-serif”>Whether he lies first, last or middle of the rankings does not matter. We don’t eat greatness. We are the victims of his ego and know him better than most of these protestant, cheer figures who buy this nonsense and vote freely on cyberspace surveys to make him “great” at the expense of Zimbabweans.

He is the same Mugabe who cannot allow his subjects to aspire to greatness.

I think this is the work of a discredited minister and his former colleagues doing consultancy work during their academic escapades. I mean the Ari Ben-Menashe type. A political party that is hollow on policy can go that extra mile to do the unorthodox.

The timing of these polls and surveys on the “popularity and greatness” of President Mugabe coincides with the clampdown on non-governmental organisations which have been doing surveys since 1980, thereby raising eyebrows.

This is President Mugabe elevating himself by scheming and puffing!

They can give him all the accolades which we dismiss with contempt because President Mugabe was great and is not now.

The so-called anti-graft exercise seems to be not yielding desired results as victims like James Makamba and Mbedzi are detained while Philip Chiyangwa pompously displays his expensive houses to the poor public.

The late Eddison Zvobgo could have been my witness. After crafting a constitution that makes one “great”, he died a redundant and useless man because he said “every teacher would like to be a headmaster, every lawyer would like to be a chief justice and every policeman would like to be a police commissioner”, when asked about his presidential ambitions.

An ageing leader with no succession plan, who believes opposition parties are enemies in the real war sense, is the problem we have on our hands.

Bright Musonza,


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