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To defeat Zanu PF infiltrate it

I FIND it disappointing that the shadowy Zvakwana organisation and the MDC continue to adopt a confrontational attitude towards Zanu PF. The more cornered it is, the more dangerous the party becomes.

erdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>One would have thought that the MDC would use their fifth anniversary to take stock of what has happened to its supporters so far.

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai admitted on Voice Of America that they had “naïve euphoria” when they formed the MDC. But the question is: what has he learnt about this mistake?

I am going to repeat what I have said before: the only way to defeat Zanu PF is to infiltrate it.

The MDC should encourage its supporters to “defect” to Zanu PF en masse and attend rallies in droves to get party cards. Joining or rejoining the party does not mean one will vote for it.

But I know Tsvangirai will never use this ploy because he thinks he will lose support. For some reason he seems to think that opposition to Zanu PF is support for the MDC.



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