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Nothing to show for NicozDiamond’s A+ status

MANY members of the public view the insurance sector much along the same lines as they do second-hand car salesmen – with suspicion! Whether this is fair or not, is open to debate.

etica, sans-serif”>However, I wish to highlight one company that, despite its boast of attaining A+ status (for timeous and fair settlements so the hype goes), is treating me abominably and definitely unfairly and unjustly!

In late December 2002, I fell and injured myself, damaging personal property in the process, whilst negotiating a Tel*One hole. The insurers, NicozDiamond, were, according to Capital Brokers, handed the file on February 5 2003.

To date, nearly two years and nine letters later, I have received no written communication from NicozDiamond even after a personal visit to its head office at the beginning of this year.

Even a letter (hand delivered) to the chief executive officer has gone unanswered. Clearly, NicozDiamond does not live up to its advertising hype!

To initiate action, I recently had to complain to Tel*One, and as a consequence, received, through Capitol Brokers, an indirect, though ridiculous settlement offer that failed to make any allowance for the hyperinflation rate.

NicozDiamond is now trying to claim that I was partly negligent yet it never even bothered to inspect the site.

If this is how they treat claimants, it’s no wonder that the company made such huge profits.

M Leppard,


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