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Hurt to the bone

ADDRESSING his party’s zealots a few years ago, I distinctly remember the words: “We must strike fear in the hearts of the white man” being uttered with venom by President Mugabe.

tica, sans-serif”>This year he is the same man singing praises for swimming sensation Kirsty Coventry. This confirms the old adage that politicians do not have permanent friends but permanent interests – to remain in power. As I am one of those “totemless people from Mbare” I understand the hurt which the whites have suffered at the hands of President Mugabe.

The grapevine is full of rumours that the Coventrys were offered a farm with a large farm house which they politely refused.

I am also told that they refused the police and CIO details who had been dispatched to provide “security”.

I am sure that the Coventrys, like us without totems, will never forgive those very hurtful words.



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