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Does she have a vision?

THE story of businesspeople running for public office has now become the fashion.

The acting mayor of Harare Sekesai Makwavarara is an example.

What qualific

ation does she hold to be confident she can do the job? Does she have a strategy to develop and improve the city’s image to attract investors?

Now that she belongs to Zanu PF, there is nothing much residents who pay rates can expect from her. Residents would like to know her plans and vision in addressing the roads, sewage drainage system and transportation system around the city.

How is she going to attract businesses back to the city centre which is now teeming with flea markets? Did she ever study city planning, road management or urban regeneration? Which institution did she attend?

Professionalism is what is needed in the council. Just look around Town House. Flea markets have mushroomed everywhere and rotten garbage is strewn all over – even the alleys.

When an elected mayor is pushed out of office by a minister, it speaks volumes about how democracy is understood in Zanu PF.

The obsession with titles has become the latest fashion for people who do not even know the responsibilities and duties associated with the job specification related to those positions.

Knowing how to do the job and delivering service, not political connections, is all what people are paying rates for. The benefits that come with the jobs have become more important than doing the job itself. Vision of what the city should look like is what people vote for, not their respective political parties.

What is the acting mayor’s plan on solving the water crisis facing the city? Policies are crafted by councillors for the benefit of civic society and the ratepayers they represent in local government.

The overlapping of duties has left the local government ministry more answerable to politicians than to ratepayers. It is the ratepayers’ right to refuse to vote for a non-performing councillor or mayor which Zanu PF has tried to circumvent.

Why hasn’t anyone taken the blame for failed policies during the period they have been running the councils?

Those voted into council by the people have been denied opportunities accorded appointees with connections in government. Zanu PF is benefiting from chaos in council hence their urge to control council business.

Praying Parent,


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