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The day shall come

TO those in the Zanu PF government and others abetting it, one day when the tide changes to flow in the other direction, their turn will come to be asked to account for all their malignant, cancerous ways.

ace=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I cannot even stand looking at their faces when they are beamed on television, propping up this regime. I simply get sick.

Some of them think they are clever, yet they are disgusting.

To these people and some in the intelligence services terrorising innocent civilians, I say enjoy your freedom while you may. One day you might have to rot in jail and that won’t be funny. Or still be condemned to the rope, who knows!

You may feel comfortable today, but surely as the sun sets one day you will have to give an account of your actions – if not in this world – most certainly in the next. The African Union is now watching!

You say things that hurt others very deeply, steal and even kill. When these catch up with you, you will end your life like Adolf Hitler.

Enjoy protection of the army, police and the CIO but one day you will be consumed by a fire. Enjoy your day!



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