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Retain experienced staff

I AM also a Truworths Man customer and lament the deterioration of once excellent service to its customers by adding my voice to “Blacklisted by Truworths” (Zimbabwe Independent, July 30).

I used to be greeted by name at some branches and ask: Where are the experienced staff that used to give us excellent service?

Let me take this opportunity to appeal to Truworths management to retain their experienced staff for they are surely bound to lose business through unprofessional approach to work by new people they continue to hire.

Whoever is in charge of recruiting new staff should take note of this. The only branch which is still offering good service is Truworths Man Westgate.

The staff know customers by their names and offer excellent service.

If all the staff were like those at the Westgate branch you would save yourselves embarrassment through letters of complaint in the newspapers that could tarnish your otherwise good image.

P Mbono,


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