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Heart bleeds over SK’s ‘backsliding’

AS a young man growing up in the village of Sanzukwe in Bulilimamangwe, we held men like Simon Goho Khaya Moyo in awe and high esteem.

This was because he and a f

ew others, including my eldest brother, had defied the Ian Smith regime and joined Zapu and were thus banished to exile in Zambia, Czechoslovakia and the then Soviet Union.

These were men who sacrificed all for freedom and for the dignity of the black men.

Then we were even afraid to mention the name Goho (Khaya Moyo’s username then) in case we were heard by the white policemen (majoni) or the sell-out ngithunywe yinkosi (Internal Affairs district assistants).

I watched Khaya Moyo on SABC recently defending a regime that is using Rhodesian tactics. The regime has perfected those tactics and written a harsher manual than that used by Smith. My heart bled for Khaya Moyo and I just wondered how he felt as he said those words.

He was an intelligent, rational and a man of conscience. I wonder what happened? Kwatini mu ti lahila mu maboko e bathu ba no ti bulaya? (Kalanga for “Why are you throwing us into the hands of those who want to kill us?)

Tjiliwa wa Lugondo,


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