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Why so selective in your condemnation of violence?

I HOLD no brief for either faction of the MDC but like JM in last week’s letter “Why muck up a good column?” (Zimbabwe Independent, July 28), have sensed the bias of your paper towards the Arthur Mutambara faction.

Violence, in any form, must be condemned. I therefore agree with your stance to condemn the thugs who beat up Harare North MP Trudy Stevenson.

I am however surprised that your paper did not condemn the violence that was perpetrated against a member of the Morgan Tsvangirai faction in Bulawayo last year. The poor fellow lost his eye.

Why are you literally frothing at the mouth about Stevenson? Is it because she is white, female and belongs to your favourite faction?

I agree that Tsvangirai contravened the MDC constitution but Welshman Ncube and Gibson Sibanda did not have the mandate of the people to participate in the senatorial election.

If they were democrats, as they profess, they should have requested a referendum because this was an issue central to the future of the MDC.

TC Tembo,

Croydon, UK.

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