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Simple solution to thefts

THERE could be a simple solution to the escalating cases of theft of street signs, Cat’s eyes from the major roads, and cables belonging to Tel*One, the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) and the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Ze


A suggestion could be that the Harare City Council, the parastatal responsible for roads, Tel*One, NRZ and Zesa each establish a whistle blower fund, paying someone who rats on companies or individuals a percentage of the estimated value of stolen property.

Given the current hardships, workers and others will find it attractive to report a lawbreaker. However, once caught, the offending parties ought to be dealt with severely.

In my view the market for stolen property from the above-cited organisations does not deserve mercy. They fuel sabotage of the economy.

While the findings of investigations into the Dete train disaster have not been publicly announced, it is most probable that it was a result of cables being stolen. Businesses that feed on theft of property do not deserve to live in our midst because they are prepared to sacrifice lives.

In the case of telephone cables and street signs, theft of these puts life and property at risk. A telephone network that is not working renders the system unusable and therefore useless in case of an emergency.

A missing street sign could mean the difference between death and saving a life, especially in cases of emergencies. If a call cannot be made because cables have been stolen, or if streets are difficult to find because signs have been removed, the result could be death.

T Mhofu,


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