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Open letter to Ignatius Chombo

THE City of Munich has been watching and is greatly bewildered by your systematic attack and arbitrary suspension and dismissal of elected members of the Harare City Council – the latest being th

e suspension of the newly elected deputy mayor and 13 councilors on June 1.

Your allegations to suspend council members that public services in Harare are no longer functional are cynical since you have deliberately stopped council from performing its duties in an orderly manner by removing its elected mayor and not allowing council to hold regular council meetings.

This new show of strength by a state ministry addressed to the city council which was elected by the people of Harare clearly shows once more that you are not concerned about facts and the welfare of the people but only in seizure of power.

The suspension and dismissal of executive mayor Elias Mudzuri and further six city councillors is exclusively to be seen in this light, too.

We deeply regret that our twin city is moving one step further away from democratic conditions where the citizens are allowed to determine who should be running their city.

We also regret that the City of Munich can do nothing to support the Municipality of Harare in solving the most pressing problems as our partner in Harare are the citizens and their elected representatives, rather than a state minister and persons appointed by him

Hep Monatzeder,

Mayor of the City of Munich.

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