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Mhlanga is ungrateful

I REGULARLY read your paper and am surprised by one of your contributors’ views.

Bekithemba Mhlanga (Zimbabwe Independent, May 7) is seething with vengeance and s


Firstly, he is angry that wherever he worked he was fired for his alleged sympathy for MDC.

Secondly, he exposes Kindness Paradza for helping him while he was out of employment.

Thirdly, he dares tell the Zimbabwean authorities that he worked without accreditation, meaning he is a fugitive. Now that he has exposed himself as having committed an offence, would the long arm of the law catch up with him?

Does he want to incriminate Paradza, thus worsening his current woes, or in a way Mhlanga is subtly punishing him for belonging to a party that apparently got him fired from his job? Could he not keep his professional relationship with Paradza confidential?

I am surprised that Mhlanga says Paradza has dictatorial tendencies that date back to the early 1990s but he still had the temerity to run back to him for salvation when he was out of employment.

Mhlanga is an ungrateful gentleman. He is one of those people who would use other people and then dump them. He is biting the hand that fed him!

After Zimbabwe nurtured him, he is now in the comforts of the United Kingdom and abusing the country and the person who helped him in his dark moment.

Personally, I wish he would express his frustrations with his former saviour privately.

Observing Sister,


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