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Govt simply jealous of Botswana’s success

THE state media would be of better service to Zimbabweans by reporting the truth about the diabolical conditions that persist in Zimbabwe.

These Zanu PF apologist

s, some of whom may have sought sanctuary during our war of liberation in Botswana, are jealous of our neighbour who in a relatively short period has enjoyed immense economic success.

Compare Botswana’s experiences to those of our own. Our Independence created Robert Mugabe who has since 1980 led this country to economic ruin and together with his Zanu PF faithfuls subverted every institution for which our citizens are now paying dearly.

We Zimbabweans unfortunately have a so-called leader who boasts of his string of degrees but in all reality, of what use have these been to our people?

Sir Seretse Khama was humble and pragmatic. His sincerity in his dealings with countries that our own (President) Mugabe perceived as our enemies gave Botswana the much-needed assistance for economic development.

Botswana is naturally apprehensive – she has to safeguard her own democratic values and economic well-being. She cannot allow Zimbabwe’s rapid descent to poverty to affect her people.

Zimbabwe desperately needs regime change and with it a free press which will at least offer Zimbabweans some hope.



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