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Africans not racists despite cruel past

I COULD not believe my eyes when I read “Shame on you sellouts”, a letter from Marcus Selassie (Independent, January 6).

I did not believe that there were pe

ople harbouring such blind racial hatred in this day and age.

If Selassie truly believes what he says, why does he not leave the racist white America and go to live in Liberia, or here, and experience first-hand the real problems of Africa – dictatorship? He will also be able to discover the maturity of Africans. They are not racists despite the past.

I also do not believe that it is in anyone’s interests for your paper to give space to such warped thinking. We are now in a new century and should be putting the evils of the past behind us to progress to global civilisation.

A McCormick,


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