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A myopic, misguided piece

IT is interesting and at the same time worrying that there are still people like Kudakwashe Marazanye “Chronicle doing disservice to Zim’s ethnic relations” (Independent, April 23) who bear face-value gripe over petty things and still mak

e “tribal noise” out of them.

For goodness’ sake, what’s wrong with people using their language? Marazanye takes offence in Chronicle using isitshwala instead of sadza. This is simply a tribalistic reaction. This is not an issue to any person who is not a tribalist.

I am afraid Marazanye is a tribalist and he is not even aware that he is one naturally, which makes him even more dangerous and harmful to society.

To say the least, his observation and analysis was dull, myopic and utterly misguided.

He needs help. I agree that the Chronicle does disservice to Zimbabwe just like any other Zimpaper product, not on language issues, but on its lack of objectivity in its coverage.

Sindiso Moyo,


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