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We have enough problems, Cde Governor

HARARE Governor Witness Mangwende, whose appointment, mandate and legitimacy are open to question, sees fit to order from on high that businesses shall spruce up or face “punitive action”.

al, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Is this yet another example of that endless litany of fiats handed down to us by a regime that has lost the ability to rule but insists on reigning nonetheless?

Oh such magisterial wisdom. Please say the word and so it will come to pass. Remember gems like “businesses from A to M will open at eight, all others at nine” or “look at me drink a glass of Harare’s tap water, it must be safe”?

Frankly, the people of Harare, reeling under the effects of an economic crisis (caused in no small part by the governor’s fellow “liberators”) are too tired and impoverished to sit up and take note of yet more witless mouthings from the Zanu PF manual of kingship.

The businesses that struggle to employ the lucky few who can find jobs can hardly be expected to spend their dwindling revenues on luxuries like paint.

And just what punitive action does the governor envision? Fines that will further undermine businesses? One or two Green Bombers to “assist” with painting and carpentry? Close them down and put more people on the streets? Smart move.

It would be interesting to check the outstanding municipal accounts of Mangwende and his colleagues, if only to assure the rest of us that these purported leaders are scrupulous in contributing to the city’s coffers. One hopes that they lead by example in this as well as all their other actions.

Has the governor consulted with anyone in the city to find out what the real problems facing residents are? Food, shelter, transport, schooling, health – these are the concerns that preoccupy our individual and collective consciousness.

Thanks to the regime’s misgovernance and contempt for both the law and democracy, we now have the fastest declining economy in the world, mirrored by a productive sector that has effectively relocated to other countries (that appreciate their skills enormously).

Zimbabweans have been reduced to a contest for physical survival that largely precludes any chance of enjoying the better things that a normal life should offer. When we are shuffling along the gutters looking for sustenance, we cannot spare the calories to raise our heads and open our mouths to complain that yes indeed shop fronts are looking just a bit shabby.

Far from issuing arrogant commands to the people whose taxes pay his wages, the governor should allow the elected representatives of the people of Harare to carry out their mandate, free from the incessant interference from his discredited regime.

Mike Mandebvu,


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