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Tell us the modalities please!

I HAVE been following the debate on the harnessing of foreign currency from Zimbabweans in the diaspora with interest.

I agree with Eric Bloch that destroying the

economy as a way of bringing regime change is very irresponsible. However, much has been said about this issue but still no action has been taken.

We are still waiting for announcement of the modalities of repatriating the forex but it appears this will be forever.

In the meantime, forex continues to get into Zimbabwe through the black market. Who is to blame?

Mr Bloch and company, let it be known that the majority of us in the diaspora are here to further the interests of our country.

Never mind the rubbish that you might have been getting from other people to the contrary.

Everyone’s hope is to make money in the diaspora and invest it back in Zimbabwe and then go back and live kumusha (at home).

But we are scattered all over the world and the only way we get information is via the newspapers. Tell us what is in place and forex can start pouring in. But unless you offer a reasonable rate, then it might be another ball game.

We work so hard to get the little forex and therefore want to get value for it considering how expensive things are back home.

The rate at the auction floor is just not realistic and I know that you are aware of this.

If you don’t address this then the black market will flourish in one way or the other.

Pamberi neZim,


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