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Govt should control communications sector

IT is clear that most companies operating in the telecommunications sector – TelOne, Econet, Telecel and NetOne – are ripping off the public in daylight by charging unjustifiably exorbitant rates


There is no justification for the +-500% increments they have effected which now make Zimbabwe a country with one of the highest communication costs in the world from being one of the cheapest overnight.

Communication is not a luxury and what used to be one of the cheapest overheads has suddenly been turned into a huge cost for business.

The effect and ultimate result is that it is the common man in the street who will bear the brunt of these cost increases.

The communications industry should behave as a good corporate citizen and not shortchange customers on such an essential service.

Isn’t it time that this industry is made to see sense and be brought under basic necessities whose prices are controlled by government?

Isn’t it time for the regulatory authority to take action and protect consumers from cannibalisation by these corporate vultures who are reaping super profits for doing absolutely nothing?

Wezhira Vuya Uvone,


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