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Bennett’s attackers the worst hypocrites

ROY Bennett has, it seems, been added to the list of Zanu PF enemies to be vilified in the state-controlled media. Blair and Bush even had to take a back seat while the focus shifted to him. (Bew

are of being white and having a surname beginning with a ‘B’.)

How hypocritical and pathetic of Bennett’s attackers to accuse him of demeaning parliamentary democracy.

What represents the more serious attack on parliamentary democracy – the manner in which elections are held in Zimbabwe, or an unelected MP being pushed over by an elected MP after severe provocation?

If the most violent act during parliamentary elections was for someone to be pushed over we would indeed count ourselves lucky. If Bennett is to be punished for his push, what should be done with all the instigators and perpetrators of the violence that accompanied our last parliamentary elections?

In all the recent anti-Bennett propaganda parliament was regularly referred to as the “august” chamber. According to my dictionary, the word “august” means “inspiring reverence and admiration”, “venerable” and “impressive”.

Given the manner in which many of its members were elected, and given many of the oppressive laws that they have passed, I am not sure “august” is the adjective I would use to describe either the chamber or many of its members.

RES Cook,


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