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Stung by Econet’s lack of helpfulness over charges

MY name is KC Barbour cell number 091 369 175 (private line). I also own contract line 091 216 590 for business.

On attempting to recharge the private line with a

card number 45139681 on March 24 I had no success. My previous recharge was on March 8.

On my visit to the Econet branch in Mutare I spoke to one Mackenzie who at least had the decency to apologise and try to explain the so-called new regulations which came as a complete surprise.

I still do not fully understand as there are so many of them that to memorise them would be virtually impossible, not to mention the conditions attached should one be out of the country for a period of time.

I simply cannot accept that Econet as a service provider could introduce major changes and systems without advising each and every customer on when they are to be implemented.

In the age of computerisation it’s an unacceptable excuse to merely say “sorry”. Even an sms msg to each phone could have warned or advised us on what to do.

I pay Econet to use the phone, not the Herald or ZTV to find out information about Econet.

A written letter bearing the new conditions would have helped even if we had to go to their branches to pick up leaflets to that effect.

Even today in Econet Mutare there is no written notice or letter to explain the system.

A verbal long-winded explanation is not good enough and with respect to Mackenzie, how do I know the man behind the desk has been briefed correctly to pass on the exact details?

You are stipulating as far as I can fathom, that customers must pay a sum to charge up (no problem with that), use it in five days or lose it again and then in a short space of time the line will proceed to become more difficult to reconnect and require reconnection fees which in fact could happen more than once and failing that in a short space of time, the line can be stolen.

I repeat stolen back by Econet from the customer who had purchased it in the first place.

Compensation for the initial purchase would at least have to be at current market prices. But that’s a pipe-dream.

Econet’s service and attitude to the consumer smacks of total arrogance with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude.

I expect to lose this argument as I’m one little customer who won’t be missed or have to conform without even the opportunity to be given at least the facility to reconnect normally with no extra charges attached.

I trust the response from Econet will be constructive and not the usual monotonous type of business letter. I wait with baited breath but I’m not holding it.

KC Barbour,


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