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Shocked by church’s insensitivity

I AM astonished as a Christian, a citizen of Zimbabwe and as an observer of the political scene in Zimbabwe that Hear the Word can be so insensitive, so ignorant of the political and social environment within which their actions in sendin

g President Mugabe a “gift” of $30 million at Christmas are percieved.

I can think of few other actions that have been taken by the Church in recent days that are more shameful and disgraceful. There is no evidence that Mugabe is a Christian in any shape or form. His actions as a political leader have found condemnation across the world.

I have been active in the MDC for four years – my family and I have had death threats, been to jail, been accused of all sorts of things, been in court dozens of times on all sorts of charges brought by the State. I have had friends murdered, raped and their homes burned. I worked for Mugabe for eight years in the 80’s. I know personally that he ordered the campaign in Matabeleland where at least 20 000 people died. That is more people that were killed in the eight years of civil war in the 70’s.

We have two million internally-displaced refugees inside Zimbabwe, at least three million external economic refugees in other countries, six million people subsisting on 12 ounces of food a day right now and 3000 people a week dying of Aids-related causes – many because of the chaos caused by Mugabe.

And you give him a “gift” for Christmas? God forgive you, because I certainly cannot.

Eddie Cross,


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