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Deuschle joins ‘league’ and will be judged

FROM its inception as Rhema Church, I have had a very high regard for Hear the Word Ministries and its pastors, Tom and Bonnie Deuschle.

Even when there was an al

legation of infidelity within the leadership I found it difficult to believe. As a born-again Christian I have all along subscribed to their commitment to the work of God and especially their outreach to the young successful indigenous businessmen of Harare. All of this has been crushed by their $30 million donation to President Robert Mugabe.

Pastor Deuschle tries to justify this gift through scripture but I wonder if he can quote chapter and verse (without his interpretation of course) that says we as Christians should donate gifts to the powers-that-be.

The Bible, in Romans 13:1-8 and Hebrews 13:17, talks about Christians being subject to authorities and to pay their taxes as we all do but certainly not to prop up odious regimes.

Christians are exhorted to stand up for the oppressed and the church should have a prophetic voice that speaks up against all its forms. One would expect a pastor of Tom Deuschle’s stature to speak out against the evil that is perpetrated by the Mugabe regime. There have been countless accounts of murder, torture, rape, corruption, theft not to mention the Matabeleland genocide that Mugabe has not repented of.

In my view, Deuschle’s action puts him in the same category as “Rev” Musindo, “Bishop” Kunonga, “Apostle” Wutaunashe and Madzibaba Nzira – open supporters of the oppressive regime and they will be judged for it.

I pray and hope that Hear the Word will see the folly of this action and recant it.

Tjiliwa waLugondo,


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