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Bible says ‘Thou shalt not kill’

AFTER I finished reading your article on the Hear the Word Ministries’ donation of $30 million to President Mugabe, I was very angry. As my angry reaction to their “generosity” may confuse my Christian neighbours, I shall try to justify m

y position.

Of the hundreds of people sitting in that church on Borrowdale Road every Sunday morning, how many have been beaten, tortured, made homeless and destitute by Robert Mugabe’s regime? None.

How many deserving charities in this country could use that money to feed and clothe the more deserving members of our society? Plenty.

I cannot believe that any sane member of that church could possibly justify a single cent whilst knowing that the beneficiary of their money would use it to make another life a misery. Instead of quoting the Bible to justify the donation, they should be quoting verses such as “thou shalt not kill”.

I could give you names and addresses of dozens of charities in Harare alone who could have benefited from that money, names and addresses of starving and destitute elderly people who live on a pittance – and the name and address of a “Church” on Borrowdale Road that doesn’t give a damn.

A fool and his money are soon parted.



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