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Your headline just fell short!

I BELIEVE that the heading “Chiwenga threatens doctors with detention” (Independent January, 2) does not reflect strongly enough the true menace in the words of this brand-new Commander of our Zimbabwe Defence Forces, who has in effect st

ated that this country is now under military rule, and that he and his defence forces will ignore and override the civil justice system if they so wish

To quote the last paragraph: “You are going to town over the court decision. I am sorry to inform you that we do not respect that ruling. We are the ones who are in power and we can choose to ignore that ruling. Court order or not, we rule this country.”

He could not have put it more clearly. This is where we are at. Our courts no longer have any power, if he is to be taken at his word. Our judiciary, already severely compromised, will be ignored by our military rulers and others with impunity.

Are we prepared to accept this usurpation of our admittedly defective civilian government by our military? If not, what are we ordinary Zimbabweans going to do to return our beloved country to democracy? It is not enough to say “The MDC must do something!”

The MDC is not in government, and therefore has no power to reverse what the Zanu PF government has allowed, even encouraged, unless every single Zimbabwean who believes in freedom, democracy and the rule of law comes forward to stand together on a common platform to restore (through the ballot box in a free and fair election) the core values fought for over so long a period from the First Chimurenga up to today – solidarity, freedom, justice, democracy, equality and service to our fellow countrymen and women.

Let us stand together to bring peace, freedom and change in 2004.

Trudy Stevenson MP,

National Executive Member,


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