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Time for Mahoso to reflect

DR Tafataona Mahoso, as we have come to expect, is leading the pack that says Britain and America have no right to condemn the Zanu PF terror-based regime for its appalling human rights record. T

he reason? Their soldiers abused Iraqi prisoners.

If Mahoso were a true scholar as he would have us believe, this could be the time that he should be engaging in honest self-reflection as far as his blind loyalty to Zanu PF is concerned. (Please note that I say loyalty to Zanu PF, not Zimbabwe.

Indeed the treatment meted out to Iraqi prisoners deserves the world-wide condemnation that it is getting. The key issue here is that both the British and American governments have not stopped the publication of the embarrassing evidence.

George W Bush said (and I am no fan of his): “Find the truth and then tell the Iraqi people and the world the truth”.

Tony Blair apologised profusely. Both governments have promised that the perpetrators will be punished – though of course some of us may be sceptical about whether or not the big fish will be penalised.

Back home, whenever issues of human rights violations are raised our government’s response is the same – denials.

An estimated 20 000 people perished at the hands of the government in the early 80s. If there are pictures and videos of bayonet-wielding soldiers slitting open the wombs of pregnant women and forcing family and friends to dance and ululate while chanting Zanu PF slogans on the mass graves of their loved ones, would Mahoso defend our right to see them?

Would he fight for our right to see such evidence on ZBC and openly debate the issue?

When will he implore government to make public the Dumbutshena Report – among many others which have been kept under wraps?

What sayest thou Dr Mahoso? Can we ever expect informed and incisive criticism from the “African Agenda” guru? Does this grovelling and desperation to curry favours from one’s masters ever have a sprinkling of intellectualism?

Abbie Mphisa,


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