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Honourable thing is to quit Mr Bloch

ERIC Bloch seems to have lost his marbles and integrity – perhaps the result of an attack by war veterans, senility or just plain cowed by Mugabe’s goons.


w he says it’s alright to solicit and canvass forex from the diaspora so that the Mugabe regime can finance the purchase of bullets and Israeli-manufactured riot control gear to further subjugate the population and buttress his despotic rule.

Bloch should quit if he has any morals and ethics.

No wonder the IMF and World Bank have withdrawn.

Besides Gideon Gono’s monetary policy they explicitly demand transparency, accountability, de-mocracy and the rule of law.

They do not fund and entrench tyrants and despots.

Bloch’s excuses are lame. Zimbabweans do not want any one day longer of Mugabe’s misrule and tyranny.

They cry out for change and the sooner the better – not by Bloch’s shortsighted agenda.

Come 2005 Bloch will see the fruit of his effort and regret it.

God bless Zimbabwe for we have very few men of honour left.



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