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Constitutions should be accessible to all

ZIMBABWE’S opposition political parties, especially the two MDCs, must make their constitutions accessible to the public to enable people to familiarise themselves with the contents.

At the moment, only the faction led by

Professor Arthur Mutambara has made its constitution accessible through the party’s website.

The Tsvangirai faction is still to make its constitution accessible with some people expressing concern that the provisions of the constitution adopted at the party’s inaugural congress in March may have been tinkered with to reflect the opposite of what was agreed and adopted.

Of particular interest is the section that deals with term limits of office-bearers.

The nation needs to know how the Tsvangirai faction will deal with the issue of succession and term limits.

We do not like leaders who take people for granted and manipulate the situation because the public is not knowledgeable on some aspects of their constitution.

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