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Chigwedere will go down in history

I JUST had to respond to the nonsensical drivel that was dished up by Minister Chigwedere in the Sunday Mail concerning his newly found enemy – private schools.


am writing as a proud parent whose daughter went to Arundel between 1999 and 2001 and am eternally grateful to the school for the well-rounded education that she received.

My daughter was admitted into a reputable Australian University even before she wrote her O levels. Such is the confidence that Australian, and indeed other universities the world over, have in my daughter’s former school. She continues to excel in her education and is also involved in a lot of other activities at her university because Arundel made her a very confident young lady who can compete with other youngsters from anywhere in the world.

My point is, even if Arundel had board members from Mars, I would have been happy to invest in my child’s education at Arundel because they know how to run a school. Parents enrol their children there by choice.

Of course, Minister Chigwedere has a right to inform the public about all these statistics, though I suspect that they are inaccurate. I sure hope he is going to go further and inform the nation about the state of affairs in government schools where he should be concentrating his efforts.

Zimbabweans would love to know that a lot of government schools have not seen a coat of paint in a decade, the teacher pupil ratio in some schools has now reached a fantastic figure of 1 to 70, up to 20 kids have to share one text book while lessons are being conducted under trees. He should also inform the nation that the majority of the children of the so-called new farmers are not even attending school because the infrastructure is not there.

Chigwedere will no doubt go down in history as one who presided over the fastest deterioration in the once world-renowned standard of education.

Thank you Arundel for the excellent job you did with my daughter. Keep up the good work.

Abbie Mphisa,


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