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World setting bad precedent on Zim

THANKS to the report by Hilary Anderson (BBC Correspondent, SA) for exposing the truth about what happens to Zimbabwe during the run-up to presidential and parliamentary elections.

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We as Zimbabweans all know about that. It is worse than what appeared on the video clip.

But our problem is if we blow the whistle we are labelled sellouts, unpatriotic, Western puppets etc.

Our black brothers out here (African Americans) think President Mugabe is justified. This is because facts have been distorted. Our problem is not racial as Mugabe puts it. It is bad governance, abuse of uniformed forces who are partisan, human rights violations, torture, murder and rape of opposition members while traditional chiefs are rewarded to make sure they weed out opposition elements in their villages.

Now the world can ignore at its peril the thuggery of a desperate regime using every devilish method to remain in power. This sets a very bad precedent as other African dictators know they can get away with murder and still enjoy the support of the so-called patriotic brothers. It’s indeed a shame.

Mugabe’s tenure is midway now with courts taking their time while the so-called talks-about-talks to bring sanity are nowhere near start.

Zimbabweans continue to suffer in suppressed silence as a peaceful demonstration is met by blood-thirsty soldiers and baton-wielding police with teargas to fight unarmed civilians.

Sadc sees all this and maintains quiet diplomacy, hearing no evil and seeing no evil because “it’s our brother and neighbour”.

But they are quick to condemn Zimbabwe’s continued suspension from the Commonwealth and renewed sanctions.

It is our hope that the world will act as the evidence is in black and white. It is one of the primary reasons why Mugabe expelled foreign journalists, closed the independent Daily News and the Daily News On Sunday and accredited government-censored Herald reporters who play to their master’s tune.

Their news is heavily-censored and they have bootlicking journalists who write only what pleases their master.

Pressure should be exerted to persuade Mugabe to leave office for the benefit of Zimbabweans. The torch-bearer and the only one who has direct influence is a beneficiary of the chaos, the once respected South African leader Thabo Mbeki.

We appeal to the world to act, a stitch in time saves nine.

What future is being nurtured? Very soon we will have the child soldier problem. I hope the world is listening. We await action.

Mukuru Mukuru,



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