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Wanted: Mujuru’s progress report

AN SABC news report of December 24 2004 claimed that Joice Mujuru, Zimbabwe’s then newly appointed first woman vice-president, had said it was her priority to engage the international community in order to restore the country’s battered i

mage abroad.

The report continued by saying that she had said that her priority was to make the British “toe the line” on what they agreed to with Zanu at “Lancaster”.

She must tell us Zanu PF’s version of that agreement that the ruling party brothers to keep talking about. This they do without any substantive supporting evidence towards their claims. Most other than hallucinatory Zanu PF loyalists know the real truth!

Since the actual Mugabe co-signed text of Lancaster House settlement is freely available public knowledge, what exactly was she talking about?

To those who still do not know, Britain never contracted in that agreement to pay compensation for any land or other assets “acquired” by the Zimbabwe government.

Rather, it was the Zimbabwean government’s obligation to fulfil this accountability as per agreed and usual civilised conduct.

We have often heard loud claims from Zanu PF mental cadavers that they expect Britain to pay compensation for the looted assets that they have actually “acquired” to serve their party associates. They have even tried to embed this pipedream into their many-times amended constitution!

Typical of Zanu PF, differentiating between factuality and delusion remains a mentally challenging matter to them.

In anticipation and in snoozed silence, we can again expect Zanu PF to avoid dealing with the truth – even after its self-imposed demise.

Kevin Blunt,


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