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Tsvangirai should tighten grip on party

I WISH to respond to the article “MDC rejects conditional talks” (Zimbabwe Independent, February 27).

I was not im

pressed by the way Dumisani Muleya wrote this article since he seemed to have removed the flesh and buttered it in a way that appeased Welshman Ncube.

I was one of the people in the United Kingdom who managed to watch and even record the interview which President Robert Mugabe had with SABC which was screened here in the UK through OBE Television.

Although part of the interview was characterised by a typical mentality one expects from an old man celebrating 80 years, it clearly showed how seriously Mugabe needs help. One cannot expect a country to base its economy on agriculture while at the same time fighting an “unwinnable war” with those who offer the markets for the produce.

Mugabe stated clearly during the interview that Zanu PF had talks with Ncube and had a deal which was rejected by people who include MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai.

He named the negotiating team representing Zanu PF as (Nicholas) Goche and (Patrick) Chinamasa. My question is, who is telling people the truth in MDC and who is in control of the party?

Tsvangirai has denied the MDC was having talks with Zanu PF and he even stated this during President George Bush’s visit to South Africa after President Thabo Mbeki had said so. He was later embarrassed after the admission by party spokesman Paul Themba Nyathi who confirmed Mbeki’s statement.

If MDC has not been holding talks with Zanu PF, which political party did Ncube represent and with authority from which leadership? I think it would be great for Ncube to fully explain his position in this whole debate. It’s the duty of the independent press to expose those who claim to be democrats in opposition political parties and yet they are derailing the democratic process Zimbabwe yearns for.

It’s time Tsvangirai took a firm grip on the party before we write him off in history books as the leader who failed Zimbabwe during a peaceful transition to democracy through lack of action on “Zanu PF members” who masquerade as MDC leaders.

It’s high time Ncube resigned for the better of democracy in Zimbabwe and also for the survival of the MDC as a formidable force in Zimbabwean politics.

It’s time too MDC members of parliament stood up, play their part and expose those who are dining with members of the current regime through secret talks.

The people who cause divisions and confusion are those who abuse their positions to satisfy their lust for power and money at the expense of the ordinary poor and peace-loving people of Zimbabwe.

Muleya’s article looks more of a Ncube-prepared report than a good piece of journalistic architecture.

Duran Rapozo,

United Kingdom.

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