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Economic destruction will spur change

I REFER to the Eric Bloch column headed “Economic destruction not the path to political change” (Zimbabwe Independent, February 27). What has happened since 1990 has been the most historic revolution of economic destruction that has ever

happened to Zimbabwe.

Witness destruction of the farming, manufacturing, mining and tourism industries and the labour market, the list goes on and on.

In fact, everything has been destroyed except the army, the police and the CIO.

What is most distressing is that the economic destruction has been deliberate and brought about by highly intelligent and educated people.

True, there has been some decline in the economy due to droughts and sometimes too much rain. I am positive Bloch is aware that the economic destruction that has occurred in Europe, Asia and Africa ushered in economic changes and above all political changes which brought about democracy and the respect for human rights.

His view that economic destruction is not the path to political change is not only naive but also not empirically supported.

I believe the bulk of foreign currency raised will go to aid and abet an evil government.

As a member of the advisory board he will occasionally have lunch. I see very little difference between the board members partaking in lunches and the youngsters that occasionally have beers and end up raping, beating, and killing innocent people of Zimbabwe.

The recipients of lunches, beers, money etc from this evil government all aid and abet it.

Economic destruction leads to change. Zimbabweans may for the time being be subjected to propaganda and degrading treatment by the present government but may one day rise and effect the desired change.

F Vutabwarova,


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