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Accidents waiting to happen

PLEASE help us to send a message to Local Government minister Ignatious Chombo and Harare governor Witness Mangwende. They don’t answer calls!

Helvetica, sans-serif”>Some homes in Mabelreign are in danger of fire damage from dry elephant grass which hangs over their garden walls. Bush fires have already started and it is only a matter of time.

Little children take their lives in their hands when they walk to school, using the tarred roads because footpaths are over-grown. Every intersection is a traffic hazard as cars inch into the intersection in order to view on-coming traffic, if any. Long grass and bushes along roadsides preclude a clear view of the road ahead.

It would appear that the councillors we elected after queuing for hours in the sun did a lot of good work. But nothing seems to be happening here any more. Why would that be?

In fact, we are paying a lot more in rates and getting very, very little in return.

Never mind about the billions you want for more houses, how about a grass cutter and bitumat to fix the roads?



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