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Zimbabwe sold again

IT is a shame that we now have to rely economically on other countries because we have failed to put our house in order, even though we have vast untapped resources.

if”>People have always said that Lobengula sold our country, but I think history is repeating itself today. People should see what is happening to our resources under President Robert Mugabe and what happened when Lobengula was in power is not different. Both sold our country.

Today our mines and all those strategic areas of interest have been dished to foreigners yet our leaders boast that they are running the country.

Surely I do not see the so-called “Look East” policy as a long-term solution but only see it as a destruction of our country.

Our government must not live a lie. The taking-a-day-as-it-comes attitude will not see us extricate ourselves from this messy situation. Neither will the government’s time-buying circus rescue us at all.

A true statesman will always admit failure and pass the torch on. I hope those with ears shall hear.

It must be noted that even the Chinese people are not as dumb as our government officials think. The economic environment that prevails in our country does not excite anyone at all who is serious about starting a business venture. Mugabe must know that, especially when he claims to have done economics as part of the chain of degrees he has.

The Zimbabwean situation just needs people who should admit that they have failed the country and realise that it is high time new, vibrant and energetic leaders were given the chance to start a real turnaround of our economy.

How many countries has our government turned and stretched its hand to for help? In 2002 Libya was all that our government would applaud as our new saviour when we were faced with the biting fuel crisis, yet nothing materialised out of it. Come 2004 Muammar Gadaffi is nowhere to be seen.

This year has come with its own fortunes in the eyes of our government. Our president opened the year by preaching the “Look East” drive, yet that propaganda has not produced any desired results at all. Zimbabwe has actually moved retrogressively rather than forward.

Surely our leaders are just myopic. There is nothing that they are doing for the people’s benefit. It’s high time people should say no to short-term solutions and demand more viable changes and permanent solutions to our political and economic problems.

Eddie Kwaramba,


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