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ZC, reschedule AGM to Harare

I NOTICE with some indignation that Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) wishes to hold its AGM in Bulawayo.

It really makes no sense

as eight of the board members reside in the Mashonaland area, and only two members in Matabeleland. Besides these, the entire ZC executive, the managing director and his staff, secretarial and press liaison officers and heads of the sub-committees are all based in Harare.

Zimbabwe Cricket has always boasted in the past that 90% of cricket is played in Mashonaland! So why has it moved the AGM from the capital city? Furthermore, all cricket scribes, both local and international, are also here in Harare.

Has the ZC board considered the astronomical costs to hold this meeting in Bulawayo? Estimates for just 15 of the personnel on airfares and accommodation, meals and allowances would be around $100 million.

The cost of this AGM will be so huge, and it seems like a most futile exercise. The ZC has obviously not given this matter much thought and showed once again its intransigence to the cricket public. All this money would go a long way in developing the game that is so badly affected right now.

It seems the staging of the AGM in Bulawayo is a deliberate ploy to cover up the shortcomings of ZC. They are afraid to face the public in Harare so that their continual bungling and mismanagement are not exposed. How many of the public will able to travel to Bulawayo from here in the light of the fuel crisis?

I urge the ZC to reconsider its position and for the sake of Zimbabwean cricket reschedule the AGM here in Harare. The ZC must be sensitive to public opinion. Be bold enough to face the public!

M Smith,


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