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Tsvangirai = Mugabe

THE letter by Frank Matandirotya, “Education is out of it Arthur!” (Zimbabwe Independent, May 12), cannot go unchallenged.

Tell me brother, do you support Morgan Tsvangirai because you believe he can lead Zimbabwe out of

its current crisis? Or you support him because some seven or so years ago he was the only alternative in opposition?

Do you really trust Tsvangirai with the state machinery, especially after what he demonstrated with his youth militia?

He even lied to both the local and international media about the outcome of the vote to decide whether the party should participate in the senate election.

People should declare their interests. Why have there been attempts to change the MDC constitution to concentrate power in Tsvangirai? An unchecked presidency is dangerous.

If you ask me brother, together with other Zimbabweans, I’ll tell you this: Tsvangirai = Mugabe.

When Mugabe was campaigning for the 1980 elections, everyone had hope, look where he has led us to.

The same thing can be said of Tsvangirai. He is good today because we believe he will reduce inflation to 10%. Wait until he gets to power.

The other mistake we make is being intolerant of disagreements in a national party like the MDC.

We allow politicians to play the tribal card on us and fail to hold our leaders to account.

Politics is about conflict; conflict of opinions over power, resources, etc.

Conflict, disagreements and presidential checks within the MDC were some of the reasons why we supported the party. With presidential checks and disagreements, it is easy for people to tell their president: enough is enough, you can go now!

Look at the leadership crisis in Zanu PF where divergent opinions and presidential checks are taboo. Look at old men like Vice-President Joseph Msika, Emmerson Mnangagwa, John Nkomo, among others, being reduced to boys.

Deep down they know Mugabe is a liability, but can they say it? Scared aren’t they? That’s going to be the situation in the MDC.

Tendai Biti, Tapiwa Mashakada, Fidelis Mhashu and Thokozani Khupe, among others, will be boys and girls who will not dare challenge Tsvangirai.

There is need for us to change the way we approach leadership. Leaders should be held to account and not be treated like demi-gods. If you are to ask me who amadoda isibili (real men) were in the MDC prior to the split, I will mention Job Sikhala, Welshman Ncube — yes Welshman — Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, Trudy Stevenson, etc.

As for people like Biti, Mashakada, Mhashu, Khupe, etc, they are weaklings. They are what I would call “yes-men”.

We need British-style democracy where MPs and politicians can tell their party leader that enough is enough.

Ncube, Sikhala, and their other colleagues’ crime was that they dared challenge an authoritarian leader.

I tell you if “Tsvangison” was president, these guys would be living in exile by now.

Tsvangirai supporters can boast of numbers, but what substance are they supporting? Are they sure they are not supporting another Mugabe in the making?

My challenge to the anti-senate guys is: don’t just be followers, hold your leader to account.

They should desist from playing the tribal card for it will backfire. Slowly, Arthur Mutambara is gaining ground and we are waiting for the promised mass action.

Tiny Murefu,


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